Swinburne Survey: Pandemic Impacts Learners’ Attitudes Toward Uni

Swinburne Survey - Akshay
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Swinburne University of Technology’s new survey has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and changed what “lockdown learners” want to study and their priorities, concerns, attitude, and outlook toward university.

The survey used insights from a sample size consisting of Year 12 and first-year university students.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Swinburne survey revealed that the pandemic had impacted students’ study choices and attitudes toward university.
  • Almost half of Year 12 students have different views about enrolling in university due to the pandemic.
  • One-third of Year 12 students have shown greater interest in disciplines that are not affected by lockdowns.


The Swinburne survey showed that 47 percent, or nearly half of Year 12 students, have varying views on enrolling in university in many ways because of the pandemic. Some are more interested in enrolling in university during this time rather than later.

Some of these students believed that lockdowns had put their gap year plans on hold already. This has been a firm reason for half of the Year 12 students to enroll already in the university despite the threats posed by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, other students have brought up financial concerns and final marks achieved in Year 12 as primary barriers to continuing their studies.

The poll showed that 58 percent of these prospective university students decide where to study through the use of digital information.

The Swinburne survey has also found that one-third of the sample size of students has shown greater interest in health sciences, other science-based courses, and hospitality – disciplines away from the impacts of lockdown and other health and safety protocols.

The same quantity of first-year university students are ill at ease about job opportunities and career trajectories after finishing studies in the university since the pandemic, the findings noted.

Moreover, three-quarters of Year 12 students have an idea that their employability depends on their ability to study at the university. At the same time, half of them believe that they could secure greater financial stability in the future when they study in universities.

According to Lily Straker, a Year 12 Victorian student, while the pandemic has made her contemplate life after university, she was convinced to study at Swinburne because of the university’s Work Integrated Learning guarantee.

“Having a guaranteed opportunity to work with an employer as part of my course is a huge attraction in the current environment,” she added.

Seventy-eight percent of first-year university students are in for guaranteed work after studying in the university, the survey also revealed.

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