International Students May Pursue Studies in Top 3 Swedish Institutions Partnered With Abcodo

International Students May Pursue Studies in Top 3 Swedish Institutions Partnered With Abcodo
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Sweden is a top study destination known for its world-class education system that constantly attracts students from around the world. Three of Sweden’s top universities, namely Lund University, Kristianstad University (HKR), and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have partnered with Abcodo. International students can choose from various academic programs that help pave the way for their future careers.

Lund University

For international students who want to pursue studies in one of the most popular locations in Sweden, Lund University is a great choice. Founded in 1666, it is ranked as part of the top 100 universities in the world. Twenty-three percent of those enrolled are international students, and 60 percent of the international students are pursuing a master’s degree.

Lund University offers more than 100 master’s programs for interested students. Some of the popular programs for international students in Lund University include:

  • Master’s in Applied Cultural Analysis
  • Master’s in Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change Adaptation
  • Master’s in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Master’s in Environmental Management and Policy
  • Master’s in Management
  • Master’s in Public Health

To know more about Lund University, see

Kristianstad University

International students who love a small but great university in southern Sweden may want to check out Kristianstad University (HKR). The university was established in 1977 and has a diverse set of 14,000 students. HKR values openness, curiosity, and respect in its community.

The institution provides high-quality programs in the fields of business administration, psychology, and food and meal science. Kristianstad University is the only Swedish institution that provides work-integrated education in its offered programs, making international students well prepared for their future careers. There are also lots of exchange programs and networks with universities worldwide, creating diversity in the students’ learning.

To further attract international students, most of HKR’s academic programs are taught in English. Top programs are as follows:

  • Master’s in Business Administration specializing in Auditing and Control
  • Master’s in Health Science
  • Master’s in Food and Meal Science

For more information about these programs in Kristianstad University, check out—non-exchange-students/.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Regarded as Sweden’s best “Young University” in 2018, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is the top choice for international students who want to specialize in the fields of life and environmental sciences. The university is ranked 36th in the world by Times Higher Education Ranking.

Established in 1977, this public university is situated in Uppsala, one of Sweden’s oldest and popular cities.

The top master’s degree programs offered in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences include:

  • Agroecology
  • Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Agricultural Economics and Management
  • Animal Science
  • Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife
  • Environmental Economics and Management
  • Euroforester
  • Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management
  • Horticultural Science
  • Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

To know more about the program offerings, see

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