Abcodo — the In-House Recruitment Partner of MSM Unify

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  • MSM Unify, through its AI-enabled platform, has a dedicated portal for agents and institutions. It empowers education institutions, agents, and students. 
  • MSM Unify brings together the stakeholders of student recruitment. It allows strong online collaboration to diversify student enrollments and expand student reach.
  • MSM Unify has a single goal in mind for agent partners like you: Make student recruitment easier, faster, and simpler.

Your Access to a World of Learners

We provide optimum recruitment resolutions that increase student numbers and we also review applications for completeness and efficient processing.

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Complete Applications


Well-Vetted Agents

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Global Student Reach


Higher Commissions


360-Degree Support from MSM Unify

Our Difference

Abcodo is powered by M Square Media (MSM), one of the world’s leading international education platforms serving institutions, agents, students, and other stakeholders in the industry.

We are backed by the proven success and expertise of MSM, which establishes global or in-country offices for colleges and universities, as well as offers a full suite of education management and edtech solutions.

Gain an Edge in the Market​

Whether with agents or institutions, Abcodo is all about working with the right people and giving them access to our global network for high-level, premium, empowered recruiting. We’re a far cry from other education agencies in many ways imaginable.

At the initial phase, agents work with established agency
businesses on commission sharing. Often it’s transactional,
lacks training opportunities, and offers no resources and support.

All the tools are there, but there’s a poor vetting process
(or none at all), and the agency lacks the experience and
numbers in recruitment.


Abcodo has both tools and track record.

We offer modern solutions to old and new challenges alike. Quality is imprinted in our DNA, so you can expect to benefit as a partner agent or institution.

Agents are trained and exposed to different students and institutions.

Institutions reach diverse student markets and achieve increased international student enrollment.

Partner for Life

Abcodo is your ticket to easy, seamless recruitment on MSM Unify. We empower agents in their recruitment efforts, while we assist institutions in increasing their enrollment numbers and establishing their presence in new, diverse markets. We aim to expand and raise the bar through the best that technology and experience have to offer.