Abcodo is the dedicated recruitment partner of MSM Unify. We provide the following services:

  • Handle international student recruitment on behalf of our partner institutions
  • Perform rigorous agent-vetting and provide agents in the Abcodo network with intelligent tools and the back-end support they need to maximize efficiency
  • Connect learners from diverse student markets to thousands of programs and courses from a global network of institutions  
  • Facilitate applications to online education delivery partners in various locations worldwide
  • Access to the AI-powered MSM Unify platform 
  • Thousands of programs and courses
  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Streamlined end-to-end process
  • Maximum earnings, generous commissions, and other incentives for top performers
  • A transparent payment system 
  • Free training, webinars, and workshops 
  • Access to a virtual library of guides, decks, and marketing collaterals 
  • Personalized coaching from industry experts
  • 360-degree marketing support

We have a steadily growing partner network worldwide, and you will be part of this constant growth if you sign up as an agent. We work with top private and public higher education institutions in the world, with a heavy concentration in North America, Australia, and Europe.

Abcodo has an official presence in the following countries and is continuously expanding globally:

  • Australia 
  • Canada 
  • Croatia 
  • Czech Republic 
  • France 
  • Germany 
  • Ireland 
  • Mauritius 
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand 
  • Poland
  • Russia 
  • Singapore
  • Spain 
  • Switzerland 
  • UAE 
  • UK
  • USA

We work only with the best! We help develop qualified, high-performing agents further and provide ongoing training, personalized coaching from industry experts, extensive professional support, and a library of tools and materials to ensure that you consistently deliver the best results. Our network of over 4,500 (and growing!) agents worldwide can vouch for how we develop excellent “frontliners” for institutions: their boots on the ground making the first contact, nurturing leads, and guiding students through every stage of the application process, and giving value-added services.

We offer our recruitment partners an unlimited earning opportunity and high commissions disbursed in a direct and timely manner. 

Agents need to complete an Agents Application form on the platform and demonstrate which institutions they are working for. We then verify individual performance with those institutions. Every agent in our network goes through a due diligence process that mirrors that of other institutions’ processes. We’re very diligent with standard quality.

A prospective Abcodo agent typically gets onboard through five general steps:

  1. The agent hears about MSM Unify / Abcodo and connects with us through one of our local managers or admissions partners.
  2. We schedule a meeting with the agent and present the benefits of being an Abcodo Agent.
  3. If interested, the agent fills out an Abcodo Agent Evaluation Form and submits all the required documents and necessary industry references.
  4. We conduct a comprehensive reference and background check of the agent.
  5. The agent signs up to be an Abcodo Agent through the MSM Unify Platform following the procedures laid out therein.
  1. Prospective agents are required to provide proof of Business Registration or Business License.
  2. Prospective agents must share photographs of their physical office premises.
  3. Prospective agents must provide two (2) independent institutional references based on the pool of institutions to which they have already recruited students.
Simply follow these three easy steps:  
  1. Click on this link and sign up.
  2. Get on-boarded on MSM Unify by our admissions team.
  3. Start recruiting and get timely commissions for every successful enrolment.