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High-Powered Student Recruitment

Abcodo is the dedicated recruitment network of MSM Unify. In a competitive market, we give our partner agents and institutions a competitive advantage. We offer the best recruitment options to improve the number of students enrolled, as well as review applications for completeness to speed up processing.


    We recruit well-vetted and high-performing agents and provide ongoing training, personalized coaching from industry experts, comprehensive professional support, and a library of tools and materials to ensure that they continue to provide the best outcomes.


    We provide partner institutions with a global recruitment network advantage that leads to an increased number of enrollments, access to global learners, and diversification of their student population.


Your Education Agency on the Cloud

We act as your agent globally, enhancing the quality and diversity of your students
Complete Applications | Well-Vetted Agents | Global Student Reach

Agents earn greater commissions & worldwide exposure

Institutions access diverse pools of students around the globe


Tap Into the World’s High-Performing Agents and Next Generation of Global Learners

Powered by MSM Unify, Abcodo connects the digital and human worlds to strengthen its student recruitment platform. We aim to connect with qualified people, put in place the best processes, and deliver the greatest results possible.

  • Abcodo has a global market and enables agents to conduct high-performance recruitment – no need to establish your own worldwide network.

  • Abcodo helps you to expand your network and earn maximum commissions.

  • Abcodo gives recruitment partners access to its global network to power their recruitment efforts.

  • Abcodo equips institutions to boost enrollment rates and diversify their student populations.

Abcodo is the dedicated recruitment network of MSM Unify, a powerful, secure, AI-powered
international education marketplace uniting institutions, agents, and students in the international
education and recruitment journey.


Founded in 2020, Abcodo has partnered with 650+ institutions in 35 destination countries from across the world. These partner institutions offer 40,000 unique academic programs in which international students are assisted by  a network of agents 4,500 strong (and growing!) globally on MSM Unify. We work on behalf of top partner institutions to help them discover emerging student sources, reach diverse student markets, and boost international student recruitment.
  • Application pre-screening

  • Global reach for your brand building

  • A wealth of recruitment services

  • Lead generation and digital marketing

  • Skilled, motivated, well-vetted agents​


Being an Abcodo agent is the best decision you have ever made. You get to grow with international students, connect with more institutions, and gain unlimited earning opportunities. Studying abroad is a challenging experience for every international student but with your guidance, anything is possible. 

Agent management is one of our top strengths. We make sure agents are continually trained, have constant exposure to different students and institutions, and receive full support from the entire Abcodo team.

Being an Abcodo agent gives you direct access to Abcodo managers, recruitment experts, and round-the-clock support. Get involved and connect via email, social media, WhatsApp, and in-person workshops and events.

  • 40,000+ programs to promote​

  • Easy, efficient invoicing​

  • One-stop application processing​

  • Exclusive webinars and training events

  • Attractive commissions and perks​

Our Growing Network of Partner Institutions