Earn Greater Commissions, Expand Your
Institution Partnerships

With Abcodo, life is simple. You get more institution contacts, more students flying abroad to study, and more earnings. We also train and help you become better. It’s recruitment simplified and made more efficient with us.

Our Growing Network of Partner Institutions


Becoming an Abcodo agent puts you on the path to success.

Being an Abcodo agent is one of the best decisions you will ever make. You get to grow with international students, connect with more institutions, and gain unlimited earning opportunities. Studying abroad is a challenging experience for every international student but with your guidance, anything is possible.
  • Agent management is one of our top strengths. We make sure agents are continually trained, have constant exposure to different students and institutions, and receive full support from the entire Abcodo team.

  • Being an Abcodo agent gives you direct access to Abcodo managers, recruitment experts, and round-the-clock support. Get involved and connect via email, social media, WhatsApp, and in-person workshops and events.

A World of Benefits

Enjoy the unique perks of partnering with Abcodo
ai access

Access to the AI-powered MSM Unify platform


Thousands of programs and courses to offer students


Quick and easy onboarding


Maximum earnings, generous commissions, and other incentives for top performers

end to end

Streamlined end-to-end process


A transparent payment system


Free training, webinars, and workshops


Access to a virtual library of guides, decks, and marketing collaterals


Tailored coaching from industry experts

We Take Agent Support to the Next Level

At Abcodo, we set up our partner agents for success. Wherever you are in the world, we help you get trained, evolve, and make a mark in a highly competitive industry with the following:

A Knowledge Center containing a virtual library of recruitment guides, presentations, and marketing materials

Professional guidance from experts with decades of international recruitment experience

Regular outreach via email, social media, WhatsApp, and in-person/virtual events

Direct access to Abcodo managers and technical support

Expand Your Reach​

Take your recruitment globally in 3 easy steps


Step 1: Sign Up as a Partner

Express your interest to be an Abcodo partner today. We’ll make it happen, and then onboard you for success.

global student

Step 2: Recruit While It’s Hot!

We’ll get you on MSM Unify, and our platform + admissions team will assist you in screening, applying, and processing applications and visa matters.


Step 3: Go on an Earning Spree!

With every successful enrollment, you earn your commissions on time in our transparent model.