Niagara College President Provides Important Updates for Winter 2022 Term

Niagara College President Provides Important Updates for Winter 2022 Term
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Niagara College Canada President Sean Kennedy addressed the community and its students in a message, giving essential updates for the Winter 2022 term.

The president emphasized that the rapid increase in COVID case counts, fueled by the highly virulent omicron strain, has prompted the Ontario government to enact additional time-limited restrictions to slow the spread of the virus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Niagara College Canada President Sean Kennedy gave important information for the Winter 2022 semester in a statement to the community and students.
  • Prior to the break, Niagara College announced that some program components would be given online until Jan. 28.
  • The delivery change has been prolonged till Feb. 25, the last day of classes before the mid-term break.

Current and projected trends require the college to adapt its operations once more, putting the safety of the learning environment and workplace first while also ensuring that students can achieve the learning outcomes in their programs.

Prior to the break, Niagara College indicated that until Jan. 28, some program components would follow online delivery methods.

The adjustment in delivery has been extended to Feb. 25, which is the last day of courses before the mid-term break, based on the most recent data and projections.

Said changes have been made to ensure students and employees have as much assurance as possible for the start of term.

While the college expects that an increase in on-campus learning will be possible in the second half of the semester, that decision will be based on the available data and government and public health guidelines and direction at the time.

Practical labs and other program aspects that cannot be completed electronically will continue to be provided on-campus as planned, with PPE and other health and safety safeguards in place.

Kennedy encouraged the students to check the Winter Term page on the Return to Campus website to see what delivery mode their classes are in and keep an eye out for any additional information from their program area or via Blackboard.

The college anticipates a higher number of staff working partially or totally remotely until the mid-term break, depending on operational requirements to support delivery and in-person services for on-campus program parts.

Niagara College’s masking policy has been revised to require medical-grade masks, which will be provided starting next week at all access points.

Moreover, its daily online screening tool has been updated and will continue to be in place, and food services and cafeterias will be temporarily closed.

Kennedy reminds all students and employees of the government’s and public health’s substantial developments regarding testing and isolation.

Specific populations have been prioritized for PCR and fast testing, while individuals of the general public with mild symptoms have been advised not to seek testing.

Kennedy further said that students and employees should assume they are positive and self-isolate if they have symptoms, live with someone with symptoms, or are exposed to someone who tests positive.

As the province expands the eligibility and availability of COVID boosters, the president highly encourages the community members to obtain their booster shots and contribute to the safety of the college and community.

While the start of the Winter Term is not what the college had envisioned a few months ago, Kennedy explained that these changes are temporary and necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.

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