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Trebas Institute Presents Academic Programs That Nurture Talents in Abcodo Webinar

Trebas Institute Presents Academic Programs That Nurture Talents in Abcodo Webinar

Trebas Institute took center stage during the Abcodo webinar held on Nov. 19 to discuss its academic programs, which aim to prepare students to become exceptional leaders in their respective fields.

The institution has a diverse range of programs in music, film, business, technology, and management programs. As a private career college, it offers innovative courses that provide students a competitive advantage in their chosen field.

Key Takeaways:

  • An Abcodo webinar spotlights the programs and opportunities at Trebas Institute.

  • Trebas Institute offers programs in music, film, business, technology, and management programs.

  • Trebas Institute offers two new programs: Computer Security Analyst and Analytics, Big Data, and Business Intelligence.

Trebas Institute is constantly expanding its program portfolio to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s market.

Students at Trebas Institute can be confident that they obtain the most up-to-date curriculum and thus are prepared to succeed in today’s employment market.

The Abcodo webinar highlighted the factors that prospective students may consider when they plan to study in Montreal, including affordable tuition, low cost of living, and a multitude of cultural and international opportunities.

Industry experts and partnerships power Trebas Institute’s programs, providing students with the preparation they need for future careers. On top of that, students may also enjoy Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility, lifetime career service, and a strong network of business partners.

Programs offered at the Montreal campus include ‘E-Commerce and Online Business Management’ and ‘Audio and Video Post-Production.’ The two new programs, ‘Computer Security Analyst’ and ‘Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence’ will be delivered from the January 2022 intake.

The Computer Security Analyst program at Trebas Institute will teach students best practices in computer security. This will equip students with the knowledge and abilities needed to contribute to developing computer data security models, systems, and resources.

Meanwhile, the institute’s Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence program will provide students with the tools and knowledge they need to help their employers create value.

The Abcodo webinar also introduced generous scholarships offered at Trebas Institute: 

  • Diversity Grant

  • Canadian Diversity Grant

  • Americas Grant

  • Southeast Asia Grant

  • L’Heritage Grant

  • International Tech Grant

Trebas Institute has graduated over 3,000 students and has a student body from over 40 nations, allowing students to learn in a culturally rich environment.

Moreover, students study in one of two locations, downtown Montreal or downtown Toronto, known for their vibrant cultures, convenient transportation, and substantial business ties.

Trebas’ programs are accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education, taught in English and French, and updated regularly to keep up with market changes.

Kashish Goyal, Associate Regional Director, presented the relevant information about Trebas Institute while Praveen Kishore, Recruitment and Support Manager, served as the facilitator of the Abcodo webinar.

Watch the recording of the webinar here

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