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New Partnership Brings Digital Marketing Certifications to Tamwood’s Programs

Tamwood International College has announced its new partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) to integrate the latter’s innovative and industry-leading digital marketing certifications into Tamwood Careers’ Digital Marketing programs.

Previously, the college’s Digital Marketing program focused on the many marketing channels in modern-day business. It is taught by industry professionals to provide students the skills and knowledge for their future career paths.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tamwood International College announced a new partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).
  • The partnership will bring DMI’s world-leading content and certification to Tamwood Careers’ Digital Marketing programs.
  • Tamwood students will benefit from resources for future careers through this partnership with DMI.

Through the new innovative partnership, Tamwood’s Digital Marketing students will receive an associate-level certification from the DMI beginning in October 2021.

According to Tamwood President and CEO Matt Collingwood, their partnership with DMI will enable the college to further increase the value proposition for Tamwood’s Digital Marketing students. He expressed a positive outlook towards rolling this dual accreditation out to all of Tamwood’s current and future digital marketing students.

DMI being the global certification standard for the Digital Marketing industry, Tamwood’s students are deemed to benefit from the institute’s widely recognized certifications in digital marketing for learners, educators, and industry.

Benefits include student access to DMI’s Membership library, an on-demand portal of job-ready assets including templates, case studies, eBooks, toolkits, and podcasts, among others.

Not only will this benefit students, but it also brings DMI’s world-leading content and certification to Tamwood Careers’ Digital Marketing programs. Students will add skills to their toolkit that will set them apart in a digitally first world.

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