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KU Provides New Education Abroad Program With Start-up Grant

KU Provides New Education Abroad Program With Start-up Grant

Students from the University of Kansas (KU) School of Engineering will benefit from a US$15,000 start-up grant from IES Abroad, a non-profit study abroad organization that administers programs for U.S. college-aged students to participate in a new education abroad program.

The Optimization and the Cold War study abroad program, which will take place in Berlin in summer 2022, will introduce undergraduates to basic concepts in logistics and optimization theory, their application to scheduling and planning, and a historical context in which logistics was critical to geopolitical success.

Key Takeaways:

  • IES Abroad awarded a US$15,000 start-up grant to the University of Kansas (KU).

  • The grant will expand the education abroad opportunities for KU’s School of Engineering students.

  • The Optimization and the Cold War study abroad program will take place in Berlin in Summer 2022.

This is the first time an IES Abroad new program development grant has been given to a KU faculty member, Kyle Camarda, associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering, who submitted the proposal, “Logistics in Berlin: Optimization and the Cold War.”

KU’s program will cover the mathematics behind optimal supply chains, scheduling and planning tactics, and restricted logistics. Military and civilian planners employed these concepts to keep Berlin’s population supported and independent of East Germany.

It will feature trips to several Cold War-era locations in Berlin, such as Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdam, and the Glienicke Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Spies, the Berlin Wall Memorial, and Gatow Airport, which was utilized in the famous Berlin Airlift.

It also includes a guided tour of Cecilienhof Palace, where the famous Potsdam Agreement was signed.

Camarda hopes that by offering this opportunity, students in the School of Engineering will benefit from all of the advantages of studying abroad while simultaneously completing an engineering elective in several majors.

Creating a varied portfolio of program offerings for students in the STEM disciplines will remain an emphasis as KU attempts to improve access to and participation with international education for all undergraduates.

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