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Abcodo offers agents maximum industry exposure and earning potential while diversifying student sources around the world for institutions.

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Enjoy These Unique Perks

We are an in-house agency of MSM Unify, a powerful, secure, all-in-one platform connecting institutions, agents, and students across the globe.



We Give You an Edge in the Market

Abcodo is all about working with the right people and giving them access to our global network for fresh, new, empowered recruiting. We’re a far cry from other education agencies in many ways:

Abcodo Has Both Tools and Track Record

Backed by the leading international education provider M Square Media (MSM), Abcodo offers modern solutions to these new and old challenges. Quality is imprinted in our DNA, so you can expect to benefit from the following, whether you’re a partner agent or institution:

A constantly growing presence in countries all over the world
A transparent, mutually beneficial business model
A strong agent vetting process that ensures optimum results in recruitment
Every year as more and more students worldwide aim to study abroad, the global MSM organization seeks to replicate its success in its core Global Marketing Office model to help agents, institutions, and students find each other in an increasingly noisy marketplace. We help create more diverse campuses worldwide while helping agents hit maximum earning potential.

Our Leadership

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Lucy How

Executive Director

MSM Unify

Lucy How is at the helm of MSM Unify’s strategy to increase its platform users — both education agents and institutions — and build an international sales force committed to its growth and diversity plans.

She is a seasoned sales director and program development leader in international education. For three years, she was a pathway programs and sales director for North America at Oxford International Education Group, where she strategically planned the growth of their pathway programs and ran a global sales team and a large network of agents. She managed sales teams based in markets including South East Asia, Russia, Middle East, and North Africa.

Prior to that, she spent nearly 12 years at EF University Preparation Abroad — International Language Centers, equipping international students with the academic and language skills required for higher education. Her most recent role was program director for North America, directly managing program managers, advisors, teaching, and administrative staff in East and West Coast language schools.

How originally hails from the United Kingdom, educated at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Partner for Life

Abcodo is your ticket to easy, seamless recruitment on MSM Unify. We empower agents in their recruitment efforts, while we assist institutions in increasing their enrollment numbers and establishing their presence in new, diverse markets. We aim to expand and raise the bar through the best that technology and experience have to offer.

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